My DC blew up

sorry for my english, but i blew up my dreamcast... :damn: what should i do?? buy a new dc, having like 40 games.... or just buy a next gen console??? :(


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Try being more specific, what happened? How did it blow up? Problems with the english language? Which other languages do you speak?


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There is a fuse inside the DC to provide a bit of protection...sure this isn't just blown?
well, i plugged my dc to a 220v power supply (american dreamcast are 110v) and now it doesnt turn on any more... and in the inside my dc is perfectly normal. i speak spanish... im from Paraguay...


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Ah, yes. I've done that one myself. :D

While most of the PSU in a 110v DC is universal (ie will work on either 110 or 240v) at least one capacitor isn't. It's only rated to 200v and needs to be much higher to run on 220v or more. Euro DCs have a 400v capacitor.

Did it actually go 'BANG'? Mine did...

The second easiest thing to do would be to buy a new PSU from Lan-Kwei for US$13 (plus shipping) and then you can plug it into 220v again with no worries.

The easiest thing to do would be to buy a new DC. ;)


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You should do what Mal just suggested, get a new PSU or a new Sega Dreamcast, y, si necesitas algún tipo de ayuda para entender algo que no hayas entendido de lo que respondieron los demás miembros, mándame un mensaje privado y haré todo lo posible por ayudarte.