My first post

Hey, just signed up here, been trolling for a few days now :)

Got my modded saturn about a month ago. If anyone wants to chat, AIM or ICQ me.

(Edited by escarcho at 3:46 pm on Mar. 30, 2002)
Well, he should be banned. Asking people to swap games/ISO's is just the same as begging for them. If you can't read the rules, then you shouldn't be here.
OH please no one reads the rules first off. I didn't. I just got yelled at alot for breaking the rules but i didn't read them. He should stay.
Well....honestly its harder. Why I dont post real ftp info on the page. I post the username. Yea ftp is buggy. A host that is FtpA may ask for a upload is they need it as they are PROVEN ftp hosts. But newbies who poat asking for uploads usually get banned. Its all judgement. You just gotta watch what you do and dont be a newbie asking for dls before you hunt for them as most info is on the ftp forum.
hey escarcho, welcome

careful or you might get banned :wink:

you seem alright i dont think you tried to break any rules purposly

anyway i would IM you on AOL but im too lazy : )