My Magic 3 modchip


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I got a magic 3 (not 3.1) a few months ago for my ps2 and I still haven't gotten it modded. I had two questions which i was hoping you guys could help me with. Do you know of any places which could mod my ps2 for me if i sent them the chip and the console for not an arm and a leg. And also do I really need to install a special switch to allow me to play certain ps2 games with the magic 3 i dont remember reading anything about this but someone mentioned it. So is this true and what else can you tell me that I might not have known about?
Some games have mod chip detection. There is a switch sort of thing you can install to defeat that. However, also quite often you can find gameshark/codebreaker codes to defeat it as well. In any case, I've only ever run into it once, that was for a ps1 game (wild arms 2). In the way of getting it modded, Ummm I just had a friend do it to my v7 (which it turns out is signifigantly easier than the other versions to mod cause you don't have to solder to any ICs).
Ummm as I recall it's actually a chip or something you solder to the mod board.... only ever saw it once on some website a few months ago. And yeah it does, but there are games that can even detect past that I think lol, in any case I have the 3.1 and it's gotten caught up on wild arms 2. How the switch works is, after the playstation boots, but before the game starts up, it actually turns the mod chip off so that it can't be detected anymore (but also doesn't work anymore til you reset or whatever). I figure it'd work good for single disc games, but I think you'd be SOL on games like parasite eve, where you need to change discs but can't save at the change disc screen (like in final fantasy games).
No No No...

Gallstaff is referring to the switch on the Magics so that Kingdom Hearts and Vice City don't lock up on the FMV, and yes everyone I know who has a magic chip has had to install the switch to cut the power of the chip after booting to stop freezing on those certain games.

I got directions if you need em
interesting... which fmv in kingdom hearts was that /me beat the whole game with no problems. I had one of my friends install it, cause I'm lazy.
well, that's not the modchip lol. I've got the magic 3.1 (without the switch or whatever installed) and it doesn't freeze there for me.
I got a 3.1 and I installed it myself. RUNS LIKE A CHAMP! Cold boots sometimes give me crap but that is a timing issue and really not the chips fault. Imports, cdr, psx, dvd you name it, it boots. You'll like it.
Hm well all this info helps a lot and I apreciate it all. Jaded are you sure this switch would do it? And since i'm not soldering 1337 (I nearly shat my pants when i tried to do it for my saturn) could I do this switch myself even after they have already soldered in the magic 3?
Yes, I am 100 % sure it will do the trick... Trust me, I know plenty with Magic 3's you need this switch if you plan on playing games like Vice City and KH.

I don't know if you can handle soldering the chip if you shat your pants soldering the saturn
Disassembling the ps2 is kinda tricky and a pain in the ass sometimes.

If you have soldered your chip to the saturn via the pins on the chip and not the A+B method that mal created, then you probably can do this with no problem.

Just make sure you know how to disassemble the ps2, and put it back together