My new avatar!



I'm just wondering if y'all like my new avatar!? I think it's quite splendid myself!
This moron who accuses people of things, and thinks calling people names is the way to win people over. Now he's just being childish yet again! Yeesh someone ban his ass already. No one wants you to bring yet another trash/flame war to the General topic now.
When I was a kid, we read the books! None of those brain-rotting movies. I tell you, this will be the death of us all!
I don't recall oompa loompah's having black hair but I guess the white eyebrows should have given it away.

Maybe the gigiantic C. CHEN just got in the way of the rest of the face.

As for my childhood, that can pretty much be summed up by Atari, Star Wars, and this blond guy saying "BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!"

"I think you're feeling the Christmas Spirit, Skeletor. It makes you feel good."

"Well, I don't like to feel good! I like to feel evil! Ohhh!"

"Don't worry, Skeletor... Christmas only comes once a year."
Haha. Well, I think Mal is a good guy, and if he likes Oompa Loompas, I do too, so Oompa me up if thats what makes you happy!
Um, yeah, i think mal is cool too, but may I ask..what does that have to do with anything?

Update: Oh yeah I forgot, so you can misconstrue this as non-offensive --->
Yeah! If DBOy teaches me the altrenating avatar trick, I can make a T NET oompa loompa and whoever else wants one!
Well, while were on the subject of new avatars, I also changed mine. Im also thinking of getting rid of my trademark sig that I have been using for so long now. What do you all think? Should I get rid of it or keep it?
fabrizo it's the only thing i recognize from your posts now that they creampuff feary thing is taken away from your name(i forget the exact title that was there but that's almost right)
So seeing as how no one takes this guy BigDAlcala seriously anymore, how about we stop with these stupid posts. Someone should ban BigDAlcala. He's becoming like the "Super Dupper yoshi super pro fighter 2 annoying as hell" kinda user.
Since nobody banned SeGa4Life yet I don't really see any reason or precedent for banning BigDAlcala over "annoyance".