Mysterious MP3?

No sound card at work...
It sounds like some Amiga game music...?

Maybe as Gallstaff says Zool.

Maybe it's one of the Lemmings series. Not sure... ???
Ristar is a cool game. Isn't it supposedly how the Sonic games were originally envisioned? I'm sure I remember reading that somewhere..
Maybe there is a link, because I heard that Ristar is gonna be included as a hidden extra on the forthcoming Sonic Collection for GameCube...
Yeah, they were originally making a game with a rabbit-like character that could grab items and enemies with his long ears, but they thought it would be a better idea to make a faster game, thus Sonic was born, and they reused the idea later to make Feel, which was later changed to Ristar.

If you haven't seen it yet, I have a few scans of the Feel prototype at my site

And by the way, Sonic Advance 2 is going to feature a new rabbit character, probably based on the very first design.