Narrow down Saturn "Best Games" List

Originally posted by racketboy@Jul 9, 2003 @ 09:07 PM

well aparently not a lot of people liked tomb raider -- the vote was pretty overwhelming

I can see that but it's maybe because of the other Tomb Raider. I can't stand TR2 to TR5, they have nothing interesting, no mystical story, nothing imaginative and levels are too commn.

Deep Fear was tied with some others but I gave Sega Touring Car and Soukyugurentai the nod over it.

Should we have a second round of voting to see if Deep Fear is more popular than some others?

As you want, Deep Fear is still in my eyes one the well made saturn games, it has 2 CDs one of the best videos ever made on Saturn. This game uses the saturn at his best.
I´ve never been a fan of Tomb Raider so there you go. But I think its nice game its just not as good as the others on the list. Sega Touring Cars its very hard to control the cars so it gets my second vote.
thats a tough one, I could go with the flow on darius, but I like shooters, and so I cannot say anything bad about that game, I would have to go with tomb raider, only because I never got the craze about a chick with a nice rack in a tight shirt and shorts running.... ooooooooooooh... I got, nah I just never got into that game.