man this game is great! i have all of the NBA 2k's. anybody else have this game? ill play you online

also are you doing francise? its awesome! i use the utah jazz i have a kick ass team!
i have a question

im still confused about all the multi-player on dreamcast

i think this was one of the topics few weeks ago, which had never been cleared up

you know how you can play stuff like unreal tournament online for free..

is nba2k2 one of the games sega started charging $$$ for?
i think you ahve to pay for all the games.

but its really cheap you can get seganet with a e mail adress and IM and like a keyboard for only 9 bucks a month. i say that its worth it. especially now seganet started a new competition with the NBA for NBA 2K2 and the winners get money and shit

anyway anybody have NBA 2K2?
o well maybe that alien game is also for free

i guess all the sports games are for money beacuse there is competitions and stuff and like most of the people use the sega sports games

anybody here have NBA 2K2?
I got NBA 2K1. Just a question though. Is there a way I can delete my season, without deleting my created players and rosters?

Edit: If I delete my season, but my rosters stay, will there still be a big chunk of memory used? I was looking at the back of the game case, and it said 150 blocks. Do saved rosters really take that much data? Or is it just my season? Currently at the moment it's 154 block used (NBA 2K1).

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hmm i dont think (im almost 1000 % sure) that your roster wont get delelted when you delelte your season cuz you make your team in a seperate section and you can just use it in the season if you want

you should copy your save season to another VMU and than delelte it on one of them and see if only the season gets delelted

and i dont know about your other question. the season takes a lot of room and so does the roster. both do but i bet that if you delelte the season a some space will be restored
well isnt your team in a special catogoery? do you mean you made your own team or your own roster just for that season? cuz you like cant really keep the roster i dont think

sorry i was thinking about creating your own team

i made my own team (Da Playaz, lol) and i basically got all the players from free agency, except i created a player D MONEY (modeled after myself, lol) and took Jalen ROse from the Pacers

man im doing season and it is so much fun! i am at the top of the east, and who would of thought a group of free agents created by sega were so good?


anyone else currently playing this game?