NBA Jam TE for the PC


Mid Boss
Does anyone have any idea where I could find the screensaver that came along with this game? It was an absolute riot - the team mascots take each other on, one on one in a variety of events...

...My copy of NJTE is cracked in two places, hence unreadable. Any ideas where I could even begin searching? Thanks in advance. =)
sounds cool

I didn't even know their was a PC version

I assume you've already tried Kazaa and Google?

TE for the PC was great. Graphics were great, sound was fantastic, had items that weren't on the console version, and had 4 player support with the Gravis periphery.

It's at the underdogs, for sale. I don't know if I really want to buy another copy... I just want the Screen saver. But I mean, TE for the PC couldn't hurt...
you may wanna try ebay or Abandonwarez sites, since the game is old.

Mortal Kombat PC I hear is cool.. SNES graphics Sega violence..aahhhh......