Need a good Webhost

Guys, do you know where I can find a free webhost/server that allows me to store files that are insanely huge? Preferably an unlimited storage sort of thing, if it actually exists... I know that has that, but it's too dang slow.
As far as I know their are no real unlimited webspace sites on the net. Their are some that claim to allow unlimited amounts of files to be stored, but then they will email mail you and say somthing like "...we feel that you are using too much of your unlimited storage". I have seen it happen to a number of sites. The only place I have seen with what seams to be unlimited webspace, is a site which makes you pay called streamload.
Your welcome.

As for the Hi-Ho! thing, one of my friends sent me the link on AIM and I thought it was pretty funny, so I put it up as my sig. Besides, I hadn't changed my sig sense I came to SX last year.
Not anymore....used to be or so on but now all free servers are going down to least 5$ a month for basic fees. 100 megs....#### I cant even get that out of a good host and I pay for mine (12$ a year for 25 megs, cgi, domain, email, etc) Could get the 150 package and have php but thats 50$ a year lol
You know what's also a scam? Unlimited bandwidth sites, there the same bullshit. There's a thing in your contract that says that atleast 50% of your bandwidth has to be from html files. Which basically means your getting @#$#@ because there's no way your going to have 50% from only html files. One picture is using bigger then the html file.