Need advice on this acclaim sticker on saturn

Hi all, I am new here and wonder if anyone can help me. I love the saturn and own 2, but only found this forum today and it looks cool. My questions is as below.

I bought this Saturn in a charity shop here in the UK, and when I looked at the bottom of the Saturn, I seen the sticker in the pic below (sorry about the quality, my camera phone is the only one to photo the sticker)

Saturn Sticker

It is red, with white acclaim entertainment Ltd, phone number and a serial number, with a AKLM in a box. I was wondering if this was a standard saturn or did it belong to acclaim at some point as I haven't seen a sticker like that before.

Also the pads that came with it have been modified with 9 pin Serial connectors on them, one with a male end and one with a female end and an adapter with a female plug one end and a standard saturn end the other to connect the one. Though the console has standard connectors on the front.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Looks like you may have a unit that Acclaim used for playtesting. Can't really be sure, though. The 9-pin to Saturn adapter is interesting; that may be a prototype of a Genesis-Saturn pad adapter that was never released...