Need HELP finding something

HELP!!!! I am looking for the Ultra Parodius origianal soundtrack (which contains music from Parodius 1& 2 ) from the sega saturn. I looked everywere for it, Anime Castle,etc... they ether don't have it or its out of stock.

Can someone please tell me of another site or some other place where I can buy it ( I'm very aware of the fact that its a rare and tough OST to get) I know its out there its somewhere, if can any of you can help me find it you'll be be my savior.

On a high note I recently got the KICK ASS OST to Sexy Parodius and have plans to upload it to the sega soundtracks page soon and if I find the find the one I'm looking for with you're help I will GLADLY upload that one as well.

THANK YOU :) :cool: :drool: :damn: :thumbs-up: