Need Help Ripping

I can't use cdrwin to rip them to my hard drive like back in the days. I don't have a CD-burner anymore, now I have a DVD-burner & cdrwin don't support it. Is there a way I can do it with nero to iso+mp3 format? I know Arakon chould help me on this if here's still around. Like back in the days :) Thanks.
You can pretty much use any CD-ROM drive to rip; it doesn't necessarily have to be a burner. If your DVD-burner can read CDs, then it should be able to rip, because ripping is just reading. If your DVD-burner drive is not detected when you try to rip in CDRWin, there should be a drop down list to select your DVD-burner drive.

If you wanted to burn using CDRWin, then that's a different story, and you'd need a compatible burner for that.
Is there a way I can do it with nero to iso+mp3 format?
I would say yes. After you rip to a Nero image, you can use CDmage or WinISO to extract the data track out as a normal ISO image, and to extract the audio tracks out as WAV files which you can convert to MP3 afterwards. Additionally, there are plenty of programs to rip the audio tracks to MP3 right from the CD as well.