Need help with Isobuster


I am trying to rip a game with isobuster, but for some reason i am only able to make an .iso files in which the music files are also stored. Can anybody give me some pointers as to how to make a .Iso +.Mp3 rip?


Use BinChunker. You have to load up the Cue then select the Data track and then convert. Then use a MP3 ripping software, like Musicmatch or Audiocatalyst. You can use BinChunker to extract the Wavs then convert to Mp3 with Winamp, but BinChunker seems to include the 2 second pause between in each audio file into the different audio files. It's just a lot easier to rip the MP3s from the CD.
in the left section, right click on track 1 and select Extract Track 1 > extract user data

make sure you click on track 1 and not session 1