Need some help burning Saturn game!

Okay, so I've downloaded Quake for the Saturn. It came with a big ISO file, one small Quake.ace file, five Quake.c files, which go like Quake.c00, Quake.c01, Quake.c02, etc, etc. It also has 13 MP3 files. Okay, so what do I do now? I've read about bit about the ISO and Mp3s, but what do I do what the other files?

Oh yeah, and I can't use CDRWin! I've tried Aspi files and EVERYTHING, but it always just screws up... I've never been able to create a successful burn or copy with that darn piece of software. However, I do have Nero, so I'll need to burn this game with that or some other piece of software... just not CDRWin!

Thank you guys.

Humbug. Stick with WinRAR, as it handles zip, ace, and MANY other formats besides rar just fine. Just open WinRAR first, then open the .ace file from the File menu. Then unpack as you normally would.

About CDRWin, you're not using a bad serial with it, are you? Perhaps your CD recorder doesn't support RAW-DAO mode.

No matter though, as Nero, in combination with the Sega Cue Maker, is perfect for iso/mp3 images.
Sega Cue maker, eh? Where would I get this nice little program?

So all I have to burn in the ISO and the MP3 files? Just forget about the rest?
Success! I converted the MP3s to WAV files, created a cue sheet, and burned it! It seems to work fine.

However, I still have a question regarding the .c00 .c01 .c02 files. What on earth are these? Do I need to burn them as well? If you don't know what I'm talking about, they look like this: quake.c01, quake.c02, etc, etc. Come on, one of you guys must know what these files are!

Thank you guys! WinAce ROCKS.
they likely are part of a multi-part ACE archive.

WinRAR, WinACE, or Stuffit Expander (yes, it handles ACE and RAR) can open them.

put all in the same folder

open the .c00 file

rest should automatically decompress as well.

personally, I like Stuffit Expander, as, though it is shareware, it is not nagware, and only is there, when opening RAR or ACE files. and even then, only for a few seconds. no nag screen or ad.

also like the fact that it is for MAC and PC, as well as Linux, and Solaris. nice.
Those are WinAce compressed files. When you compress using WinAce or WinRar, you have the option to compress into separate volumes or to one big volume. One big volume would yield one compressed file ending in .ACE for WinAce and .RAR for WinRar. Separate volumes would yield multiple files. The naming convention for these multiple files are as follows:






*.c03 and so on...

WinRar's traditional style:




*.r02 and so on...

WinRar's new style (versions 2.9 or above I think):




*.part04.rar and so on...

However, if you prefer the old style over this new default style of volume naming, there is an option for "Old style volume names" that will let you do that in the Advanced tab once you select split volume compression.

Sometimes you might come across the following naming convention:





They usually correspond to WinRar volumes and here are their equivalents:

*.001 --> *.rar

*.002 --> *.r00

*.003 --> *.r01

*.004 --> *.r02 and so on...
Now, to answer the one remaining question:

if you had an ISO and MP3 files and burned those successfully to get a working game, then you can ignore the other files (the .ace, .c00 etc. ones) completely.

Very likely what happened is that some stupid idiot had these ace files, unpacked them into the same directory, then repacked everything into a new archive which you downloaded and unpacked ... in effect getting TWO copies of the same game.

I had this happen to me with Metal Slug...after I downloaded a copy of it, I found three Metal Slugs inside the archive... an iso, mp3's and two archives in two different formats. Shitty eh?

But again, you have a working game so ignore the ace archive. You're done.
Ah, all makes sense now. Thank you Taelon, Link, and everyone else who helped me.
I've now burned 3 games successfully.

Thanks again!