Need some help guy ;)

How to set the magic engine to fill all the screen in my monitor cos it only display half of my monitor screen helppppppppppppp :)

The what??

You really do need some help, don't you

(Edited by Curtis at 9:40 am on April 12, 2002)
because everytime i play my register version of magic engine it cannot it fill all screen in monitor during game time and i look inside the ini setting file and found out it set the tey 3 kind if resolution in magic engine game and it all set to 640.480 and that why i ask how to set so that my game can fill my monitor screen completely???

I can't help you with the settings of Magic Engine (and hey, if it's a registered version you should have some kind of documentation or you could ask the authors for help, cos' you've *paid*, right?), but if the 640*480 screen doesn't fill up your monitor it simply means you haven't adjusted your monitor correctly. Just play around with the h/vsize- and h/vpos-settings until you get a picture you can live with. The monitor should remember the settings for that particular videomode, so you only have to do it once.
in every emu almost theres a read me or .ini file where it shows 640x665=1 or what that the value for that resolution where it shows resolution=1 try to change that for different settings . Alot of them can automatically detect your best resolution it seems like to me