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Can anyone point me in the right direction of a program that will let you edit videofiles, to cut and paste them together. I need to paste some videos I have tegether then Video-out them to my VCR for a class project, and dont know of any good programs that do this.
i'd have to agree with MTX... Virtual Dub is great for newbies in the realm of Video Capture!

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My captures so far are just like the broadcast quality and are like 95 megs each

But, you should find which filters work best for the video you have...

Another version is out
if you're dealing with Mpeg files, use TMPGenc, if you're dealing with avi files, use virtualdub, im guessing mpeg is more likely though. you people should speicfy things like that, cause virtualdub is of no help for joining mpeg files, and conversely tmpgenc cant join avi's.
well, why not just use Adobe Premier? i heard it is good and works with avi. and i believe it works with mpeg's too. oh wll, guess the others are good too.
It's good, but it's warez (unless you're going to pay $500+ for the license) and it's a pain the @$$ to use.
"Ulead Mediastudio Pro 6.5" is a pretty good video editor, and it supports quite a few different video formats, youl need a crack patch though because without it all your videos have a big red X in the middle of the picture.

If you don't want to crack patch a program though, and want somthing easy to use, try "QuickEditor", its pretty much as simple as video editors come, but it only supports video formats that can be played by Quicktime (.mov, qt, avi, dif, or dv).