Needed: Tool to extract palette


Staff member
I need a tool that can extract the correct 16 color palette of a tile from a genesis rom. if possible, in tile layer pro format. anyone know of one, or possible could write one up (if it's not much work)?
It's not possible to extract the palette from a ROM without some serious AI, because the palette does not really exist until written to CRAM by the game program.

I've got my CRAM -> RGB list converter (based on the palette conversion routine from trzy's vram2bmp fixed now, and the color listing from the VRAM dump of the Japanese BIOS title is here.

Unfortunately I haven't yet added a routine to determine which of the four 16-color palettes the logo uses, but it should be a fairly simple process of elimination since there are only four possible palettes. If not, I'll see if I can hack a routine in that uses a save state... let me know if you need this.

Hope this helps.