needs help with lunar 2

hi i have a problem with a lunar2 game that i downloaded

the game keeps freezing when ever i try to get past the door in the destiny ship and i dont know what to do

the lunar2.iso file is 304 megs

the lunar2 Track2.mp3 file is 8.69megs and lasts for 4mins and 44secs

the lunar2 Track3.mp3 file is 11.1megs and lasts for 6mins and 5secs

the emulator im running on is gens can anyone please help me out? thanks maybe its my rom thats the problem?
now after i renamed the names to this:


lunar2 02.mp3

lunar2 03.mp3

i tried to go thorugh the door again and the game freezes again but this time when it froze it had sound but it was really choppy as hell

well its a start but i still cant get past the ship when i first go to dalton