Neo Geo CDZ

I was thinking to get Neo Geo CDZ ......what is good price for it ?

BTW people is there Neo Geo That can play Cards and CDs in one ?

Thanks !
Personally I would get a normal Neo Geo cd than a Neo Geo cd Z for a few reason.

cheaper and easier to get

doesn't breakdown as easily

No games require patches unlike certian games on a CDZ. I have 95 games which is almost all of the Neo Geo cds and they all play fine

I guess since Neo Geo systems aren't that easy to find now I guess $100.00 is a good price for one. Also you might want to look to get a system with a bunch of games as you get a better deal for it that way.

Sorry to the best of my knowledge no system can play both carts and cds.
$150 is more a likely price to pay, which is still a good price to pay...get a CDZ, the games load twice as fast, cracking them (if you intend to do so
is no prob thanks to Fakk2 (see his cracking tutorial on this board) and anyone who has one that i know of has never broke down, despite what people think/like to think...

And no SNK has never released a CD/Cartridge combo machine, would have been nice though
People anyone know place to get it ? ... I mean on eBay CDZ starting like from 150$ ... usually final price like 300$ .. let me know ...Thanks !