NeoMania - A Rhythm Game for the Neo-Geo


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I present you NeoMania (my first 24-bit 16-bit Game).
It's a Rhythm Game for the Neo-Geo inspired a lot by StepMania and Dance Dance Revolution.:banana:

I want to thank a lot dciabrin for his awesome NGDEVKIT :bowdown: without this fabulous tool, I would certainly not have been able to embark on this project.
And also thank people like blastar, furrtek and many other from the Neo-Geo Scene for all their hacks, homebrews, explanations and documentation.:beerchug:

Besides, since there must be quite a few Neo experts here, does anyone know if there have been any rhythm games for the Neo? :cwm15:
Thanks vbt!
As you add " " before your "!", are you French par le plus grand des hasards ? :grin:
c'est magnifique
Goods news for Neo Geo users and good development idea. The graphics looks great and the music to (very well for Neo Geo) How did you do to reproduce music with thsi quality in Neo Geo? I never listened this level of audio quality in any NG game. The instrumentals sounds wonderfull