Neo Geo Pocket Games

Hey guys.

I just recently tried out some Neo Geo Pocket games on koyote 0.5.0...

So far i'm kinda addicted to

"snk vs capcom - card fighters clash - snk version (ue)"

Does anyone else play this? If you do, would you like to trade some cards with me online? Some cards you can only create through specific trades.

If there are other games worth playing i wouldn't mind a mention of it here
I got myself a NGPC last month, great system but games are impossible to find nowadays. Samurai Shodown! 2 and Biomotor Unitron are fun though

absolutely awesome game. in fact, i didn't buy my ngpc until after i had found an english faselei to play on it.
if that last question was directed at me...

faselei is a turn-based combat rpg. you start out with a particular mech (giant robot, i forget what they call them now...) and you take it into combat. in a given turn, depending on the mech you're using, you have a certain number of 'processes'. these include moving, shooting, attacking, and so on, and is determined by the processes with which you have outfitted your mech.

as you finish missions, you gain money which can be spent on upgrades and bigger faster tougher machines. sort of like a shining game with robots, but at the same time not. it's sort of hard to describe. i'd say try to find a way to play it, and see for yourself. personally, though, i'd say it's by far the best game i've played for the ngpc.

hope that sort of helps...