Mid Boss
Neorage doesnt seem to work ,

found nebula , its a great program ...but yes I do have to the 64k ng-lo.rom but it still wont find any files or zip i make , help if you know a different program or exactly how you make the nebula find the file tried 20 different ways
I have ill try it some more I guess .

Do you have to putt the neogeo.roms in the zipped files ?

Ill go play around with it again tonight .
Nebula works no problem with me in XP. I have the Neo Geo system roms zipped in the 'roms' directory, dunno if it makes any difference if they're zipped or not.
You should have in your roms directory. should contain the following 4 files:




Damned thing works now because you told it to i think , no the instructions say put it in any rom directory , well after making it look five times it finally works

thanks alot bro

what i mean is your right the instructions are wrong , or i read them wrong
Hey, if you try the latest games for the latest versions of nebula, it simply won't work (anti piracy rules

For winxp it's better to use the windows interface and check que zip name & romset to be mame/compatible/.

There is a neorage fixed executable for winxp. It's called neoragexxp.
Sadly Kawaks has been discontinued.. Mame is still developing well past all other arcade emus.. Model 2 emulation on mame is on the horizon.. Where would arcade emulation be without mame? I use mame for online play though kaillera..