Nero 6 Works Fine!!

spiroth10 posted this information over at the DCEmulation forums:

Ok, Ive seen a lot of people get frustrated and have problems with this, but it IS possible. I do it almost every day. and its really easy, too. anyone can do it. the only thing that costs any money is nero with this little tut, so its accesible to ALL who need to use it. OK. here goes the tutorial!

what you need:

1. Nero

2. Self boot inducer (sbinducr.exe)

3. thats it!

first off, download a CDI (discjuggler) image of the app or emu you want.

then, run CDItoTAO.exe (some of the caps letters might be lowercase, but it doesnt matter) and choose your CDI file. it will then be converted to a .nrg file. however, it WILL be compatible with nero 6!!! it ALWAYS works for me, at least. the problem with pre-made nero images is that they are in DAO mode, which will not work for dreamcast programs for some unknown reason in nero 6. start up nero, choose the .nrg image you made, and behold the godlyness of your ability to burn DC apps with nero 6!

notes: This works for me, and should for you, but may not. I am not responsible for any damage this causes (though I'm not quite sure how any COULD happen... your not doing anything to your pc if you follow the tutorial) I am not responsible as to the quality of the dreamcast program you burned. If something hapened because of the program you used, find out who the coder was and complain to them. I am in no way realted to OR endorsed by Nero© or selfboot inducer (c? im not sure). Selfboot inducer is a fine tool created by Burner0 to make burning multiple apps on one cd easier, and is not meant for this, but it CAN be safely used for this purpose.

I hope this tutorial works for you, and I hope it is useful. I added the above to avoid any problems that might have occured between me, burner0, and Nero.

this method always works for me. and I posted it because I dont have alcohol 120% and for some reason my discjuggler demo is missing a .dll... also, some sbi files dont always work (nesterDC doesnt work for me if its an sbi.. the controls wont work on games...) generally cd images are more stable than sbi's are because they are unmodified. I hope to help all those who have nero, and have problems with sbis.

this guide was written by me for all DC emulation related sites, although it was only posted on's forum. you may re-distribute this guide for your DC site if you wish and can remove the line that says AS LONG AS credit is given to me (and burner0 for creating sbinducr, but I created the guide myself).

This is fantastic news for anyone using Nero.

From DCEmu UK
I've never had problems using Nero 6. I don't know why so many people don't like it.
me too

every now and then something weird happens, but I get occasional problems with other burning apps as well
I couldn't get .cdi to burn with Alcohol 120% either. When I got Beats of Rage, I mounted the .cdi on a virtual drive and created a .mds image and burned with alcohol.
nero 6 is pissing me off hardcore. everytime i use it my computer reboots with a fatal error. only when i burn music cd's, data cd's and dvd movies. everything else works fine including VCD's (which i find weird because of the DVD's)
That error only happened to my when my computer was converting the video files when making VCDs. When I got my new computer(Faster), It made VCD's under 30 minutes with no errors.
highly doubt its my comp's speed... thats what i built this comp for was video editing. Making mpeg files is what my computer does all day long every f-ing day.

When reading what the errors are, it seems that nero doesn't think theres enough space on my HD for a temp file. So it freezes during burn and crashes my computer. If i just make an image and save it to my HD and then just burn the image, everything goes fine. But eh, fuck nero, getting something else next week after i pay bills.