Nero screws up bin/cue burns


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OK, this is odd...I just wasted two CDRs on non-working burns of Panzer Dragoon Saga (disc 1) and Guardian Force... both came in bin/cue format and both were said to be tested and working fine.

Yet when I burned 'em with Nero ( unregistered) my Saturn wouldn't recognize the CDs as games... in fact it reacted weird and took *very* long (10 seconds or so) to identify the CDs at all and even seemed to freeze up for a moment (the little saturn rings would stop spinning).

I decided to use BINchunker, turn Panzer Dragoon Saga disc 1 into an iso and two wav files, create a new cuesheet with Sega Cue Maker and burn that with Nero instead.

Well, this time I got a perfect working burn...

I don't understand why burning the bin/cue files with Nero gave me coasters. Is there an issue that I'm unaware of? Should I not use Nero for bin/cues?

What gives?