NES Clone at $17.95


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Stolen from the anandtech hot deals forum, (I pasted from the seller's site):

Buy Neo Fami at our Below-than-Wholesale Price!
This weekend only till 07/11/05 6:00 PM EST

New Design! No Cartridge Converter Needed! Compatible with NES controllers! (not compatible with NES Advantage Joystick)


Domestic release of the Neo Fami system which allows you to play Nintendo NES games without a converter and without the problems of the original NES.


* No more problems such as flashing screen, garbled images or blank screens found on original NES system.
* Small compact design
* Better image & sound quality through A/V connection

The Neo Fami Complete Set includes

* 2 controllers
* Audio Video cable
* AC adapter


And here's the link to the original post:

I'd get it but I already have the old box nes, and I'm turned off by the fact that it doesn't support the advantage. But I relayed it here just in case any of you were interested.