NES RGB mod???


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Is there a mod where you can get a PAL NES to output a RBG signal??? What connections are available for the NES to hook it up to a TV, is there a Scart lead at all, or is it just the standard RF lead???

If i do the Lock-out mod, and play a US game on the NES will it play in colour or come out in black and white? will it run full screen and speed, or just be like any other PAL NES game?



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The NES graphics processor (PPU) does not generate RGB in any way. Rumor has it that it's possible to install a PPU chip from a Vs. NES or Playchoice-10 arcade board, but apparently those chips sometimes display incorrect colors (NES uses a very clever/cheap method to generate colors that has some interesting side effects).

I haven't tried it, but as far as I know NTSC games should play in color, and will have slowdown. I would expect that there will be some kind of border, possibly garbage-filled, but I'm not really sure about the details.