NES/SNES/GBA/Gen/GC/X-box Lot for sale....

I'm selling my nes, sega, snes, gamecube, xbox, and gameboy advance stuff. I'd like to sell the whole lot together, I will seperate if necessary, but would like all the games and their respective systems kept together.

Looking for $550 for the entire lot. Prices are negotiable


NES - $175


(2) Nintendo Entertainment System Decks (one for backup, there is a "buzz" in the sound though)

(1) power adapter

(1) cable adapter

(1) RCA Cable

(5) Standard NES controllers


-game genie + guide

-cartridge holder (holds 10)

-several black slip covers and a few cases.

-a power glove and gun (pending that i find both) the power glove doesn't have any of the hookups it needs so i have it more for aesthetic purpouses :) - this is an "if i find" item.



-cool world

-castelvania III dracula's curse

-deadly towers

-deja vu

-double dragon

-dragon warrior


-kung fu

-maniac mansion

-maro bros. 3

-mega man 4



-punch out

-rad racer II


-river city ransom

-romance of the three kingdoms


-spider-man: return of the sinister six

-super c (contra II)

-super mario bros/duck hunt (x3)

-teenage mutant ninja turtles

-teenage mutant ninja turtles tournament fighters

-teenage mutant ninja turtles II the arcade game


-zelda, the legend of

SNES - $75


(2) SNES game systems

(1) rca adapter

(1) power adapter

(1) controller

Game list

-earthworm jim

-the legend of zelda a link to the past

-mortal kombat 3

-secret of evermore

-super mario world

-super metroid

-super star wars

-super street fighter

-x-men mutant apocalypse

-i have the boxes and literature for super star wars and mortal kombat II, even though i don't have the MKII cartridge

Sega - $75


(1) sega Genesis console

- sorry i don't have the connectors. it worked as of 6 months ago.



-nba jam TE

-street fighter II special champion edition

-sonic the hedgehog

-sonic 2

-"sonic and knuckles" connector

-ultimate mortal kombat 3

-toy story

Gamecube - $150


Gamecube + all connectors

- a memory card


-the legend of zelda: the windwaker

-mega man anniversary collection

-metal gear solid the twin snakes

-metroid prime

- resident evil

xbox - $200


xbox + all connectors


-elder scrolls III: morrowind



-gta: san andreas

-peter jackson's king kong

-silent hill 2

-splinter cell chaos theory

-star wars knights of the old republic

GBA - $50


This is just games, system is not included


final fantasy I & II

the legend of zelda

zelda II - link

zelda, a link to the past.