Nester dc 6


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First of all I'd like to thank Hollywood Hasney for provoking me into finally burning NesterDC! Only trouble is, Excitebike (one of my big favorites) doesn't work. Music comes on, but just a blue screen. I've scoured with Google but can't come across a compatablity list anywhere. I was just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, or tell me if Excitebike definaely isn't supported yet.

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I tried a couple of burns to make sure, everything else is fine (Bandit Kings of Ancient China was the only other game not to work) and I tried getting the rom from a few different sources.. You wouldn't have thought it would have been one of the harder games to emulate so maybe it is the rom.. Anyways, I've run out of blank CDs now
Ok, thanks.. The rom might have a bad header or something, I'll mess around when I've got some more CDRs. For now, at least I 've got River City Ransom
i've run excitebike just fine using nesterdc myself too.

though i think i prefer excitebug

you also, maybe might wanna try this dc nes emulator, just for variation

i myself however won't be happy until someone writes one with lightgun support so i can play duckhunt again

which reminds me, are there any conversion utilities that'll convert a nes rom into a snes rom?
nesterDC 6 is almost a perfect emulator now

a dcemu mod like myself must keep up on this stuff

the one thing i wish you could do is go to the menu, then

back to the game like dreamsnes

a fast forward feature would be cool too
You can go to the menu then back to the game too by pressing L + R + Start. But the game will start over. I'm not sure if that's what you meant.
Panda, I bet money that Katana (BTW, hello) means that if you use DCGrendel's DreamInducer (a tool that lets you put more than one homebrew app on the same cd) to put Nester on, and then say DreamSNES, you could do a "Go back to menu" option. That way if you are playing a NES game, you can go back to the menu to select DreamSNES without reseting your DC.

Basically, a "Quit Emulator" opition on these emus.