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Mid Boss
Well, my nintendo has crapped out and having read such wonderful things about Nester, I was wondering how one goes about making this emu work.

More specifically, I know at they have the DJ and Nero files, but I was trying to figure out if you need to make 2 cds (1 for the emu and 1 for the roms) or if you could edit the nero image and put all the games on one cd.

I wasn't sure if this would go under burning help, or DC... I assume either or.

Thanks for all help!

You can burn the nero/discjuggler image on one cd, then put all your roms on another. Put in the emulator disc, then when it gets to the title screen put the roms disc. With selfboot so easy nowadays though, That method is kinda obsolete. I'd advise to get the nester plain files and that DSSBS selfboot kit.
That's what I figured.


Unfortunately, only provides the Nero/DJ files, no plain files for after 3.0... I tried nesterDC's homepage and it hasn't been updated in ages, either...

Any ideas where I could get the plain files?

Also, if I used DirectCD on the roms disc, does anyone know if it'd work properly w/ the emulator?

I(f you use dreamcast factory, another selfboot maker that's easier for slow folks like me, it has a link for you to get the latest nester files, (as late as it's selfboot script).

edit: here's a link

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