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I don't know if you guys have heard of it already or not, but there's a new online money making scheme called NetBux, and apparently it actually works this time (People are saying that they are actually getting the money added to their Paypal account). Now, I don't usually like making posts like this, like how all those peple made all those free iPod posts, but this one might actually seriously work, guys. Anyways, here's how it is supposed to work:

Basically you perform web searches from the Netbux home page (using Google or whatever your preferred search engine is), and you're given $.02 per unique search that you make (up to 40 per day). That's $.80 per day maximum, but it adds up, especially when you consider the referral system. You also get $.02 for every unique search that anybody you refer makes (that's right, you get EVERYTHING that they earn as well). There's no limit on referrals. You do the math.

Sure, it gives me a slightly dirty feeling to participate in one of these market-research sites, but it's not nearly as bad as those web sites that require you to complete offers or whatever. This is just asking you to make Google searches and you'll get shown ads in an unobtrustive top frame when you see your search results. Easy enough...I search Google enough every day as it is, heh. I usually can pound out my 40 searches within about 10-15 minutes if I do it while I'm reading e-mail or surfing messageboards. You can search pretty much anything you want, as long as it isn't gibberish and as long as you haven't already search it on that day. So, you can do stuff like the following: GP32, GamePark32, GB, GBC, GBA, GBA SP, Zodiac, PSP, handhelds, monitors, screens, wires, American Revoluion, the Enlightenment, Respiratory Cycle, etc.

So, if anybody is interested in signing, could you please sign up through my referral link? :D


(By the way, if anybody's wary of this being a scam, it's not. Basically, by having to initiate each search from the Netbux home page, they can ensure that you see a different ad every time, which gives them more money from their advertisers. The bottom line is that they earn more than two cents per every search that you make (since you see 3 or 4 graphic or text ads during that time), so they can afford to pay you those two cents and still make money on it. They're just counting on people not getting many referrals or making their maximum 40 searches a day, out of laziness or whatever).


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Originally posted by finty101@Sun, 2005-05-01 @ 02:55 PM

I made $3.20 in a half hour :D.

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how did you do that, if this is there policy

"You will only be paid $0.02 (2 cents) for every unique query performed from our homepage, up to 40 per day. If you max your paid queries for a day you will earn $0.80 (80 cents) for the day. To save our resources, you cannot search the web using Netbux after your paid searches are maxed out."

I don't see how that could be? Unless I am looking at that wrong.
Originally posted by finty101@Sun, 2005-05-01 @ 03:14 PM

You get money for the referals too, so for every search someone I refer does I get 2 cents.

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ok, i'll give it a shot.
They are getting alot more money per search than they are giving out, so they can afford this. Also they are counting on peoples lazyness, as in no one finishes the searches. I'm on $7.64.
There is no software to download, the only thing there is is a banner at the top of each search from the NetBux page, this does not effect your normal searches.

They get alot more than 2 cents per ad seen, that is how they can afford this.
Yeah I joined under the topic creator 2 days ago and the first night the server was no problem. Now I see it's taking a bit for some things to load and I'm gettin a bunch of timeouts. I also see they added a counter to wait until the search is fully credited. The first night, i could just search, hit the back button, and search again without waiting. Probably added it to keep the server from being overloaded.
Sometimes good things are too good to be true...

This website has had constant problems with down time and general site errors, on top of this they go and change their payment policy w/o informing any of the sites members.. no longer will they pay directly to your paypal account. Now you must sign up through a third party company that will credit your paypal account.

Searches now have to be waited on with 10 seconds before you can collect the $0.02 for it. With the company changing the whole foundation of their site every few days, it's hard to rely on them...