Netlink usin kaillera for saturn?

the saturn emuz r comin around pretty well, by years end I would expect a fairly large compatibility list for the games. I wonder if satourne/giri giri will be able to use kaillera for netlink games, or just for 2/more player games. theres gotta be a wayto play netlink stuff without actualy making a phone call. it's basicaly tcp/ip right? why not put a 56k in you machine. hookup a line simulator so it has power. an plug the saturn into that. with a vpn/tunneling thing you could just have the saturn dialup like or somthin like that an have you machine connect to a server like kaillera an then connect to diff players. that'd be a good solution for non emu setup, would be similar to what's done with the dreamcast.
Let's wait for those emulators to actually become playable first, right? I guess their authors are having enough trouble doing that already.