Networking problem


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I'm using a Linksys Router to connect two pcs. On mine, everything works fine, it gets an ip from the dhcp and I can get online. On the second, I can't get an ip from the dhcp, and I get windows autoconfiguration ip. I have no idea what's wrong. I've tested and retested the cable with a cable tester but it says there's nothign wrong. The link lights on the linksys light up. I tried assigning a static ip to the second pc but that doesn't work either. Any ideas?
I would install IPX/SPX also. I find that networking Windows is easier if both TCP/IP and IPX/SPX are installed when you have file and printer sharing enabled.

I'm not an Network Admin, but everything seems "automatic" with this type of setup. I would remove the static IP, and let Windows assign it's own. In "WINS configuration" I would check "Use DHCP for WINS resolution."

I can't speak for XP, but for Win9x you should boot without errors, and the only prompt you should see is for the Username/password to logon to the network. Be sure to click OK. Then give Windows enough time to bring up the network. Sometimes it can take a few minutes before you explore the "network neighborhood."

If this doesn't work, I hope someone else can help. This is what I've done and it works, and I don't know of another way. ;-)