New adult swim episodes


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Dude, ATHF ALL THE WAY. New harvey birdman, sealab.... this'll be the shit. What do all you people who live in countries which air adult swim think?
OH haha no sorry i should have clarified, comming this fall, no specific dates but wait i think there is a new home movies this weekend. Did you see it last weeked?

"mom what's a birthday suit?"

"where'd you learn that?"

"some kids asked me if i was gonna wear my birthday suit to the party and i said maybe"

"a birthday suit is what you're born in"

"oh then it won't fit"
i like home movies and mission hill. home movies i like because it has a lot of sarcasim and mission hill is cool just because it is.
"Well, It's not as much of a time machine, as it is a dodgeball cannon!"

Sealab is off the heezy!

I've always been an adult swim fan, except for Baby Blues which I couldn't care less about.
yeah same here. "Tell it to queen dopplepoplis, dopple gangers!" "... who the hell is queen dopple popplis?"
She must be that "Greek chick."

"Oh man, she had these perfect [KABOOM!]"

How many explosions has that been for Sealab now? I've lost count.
Haha i don't know...

"So if i'm a robot, can i have sex?" "Of course you can, but maybe it would be better if you couldn't reproduce, stormy"
"Yeah, I've even got my own mountain stronghold." "Oh yeah, prove it smart guy." "Attention. This is overlord." "All hail overlord. All hail overlord."