New Anime Store!

Good Evening Fellow SX'rs,

Since many of the members here are fans of Anime, I thought I might let everyone know of the business I've started over the last 3 weeks. I've recently started an Anime-related DVD online store that I'd like to invite Anime fans of this board to check out.

The name of the company is Anime-Ghost, and you may get to the Online Store at

There isn't a lot of stock in currently, but I've been slowly ordering more as my financial situation allows me too. Anyway, I thought I might share the store with everyone here as you may find some of the lower prices beneficial to expaning your anime dvd collectionl. I'm quite open to title requests if you're looking for anything rare, let me know.

Anyway, the store is there for anyone interested in some great deals on Anime DVDs. I'm also going to be selling some of my Saturn goods from here eventually, so feel free to check it out in the future!

(Semi-Spam IceMan2k Approved) ;)

that's wicked man..

i just might buy some stuff off ya! =D

Wouldn't happen to sell Dreamcast stuff, would ya?


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Currently, we do not accept international orders. We will only ship to locations in the United States. If there is enough interest, this policy is subject to change, but to avoid any problems we currently only ship in the US.


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A secret war is brewing in the night - a war in which humanity is only a pawn. The mysterious Hellsing Organization deploys within the shadows to protect ordinary mortals from the undead legions that would prey upon us.

Now, as the ghouls and vampires increase in number, they threaten the human police forces forcing the deployment of the Hellsing Organization`s ultimate weapon - the rogue vampire, Arucard!

After saving Victoria Seras Victoria, a special police operative from death by transforming her into a vampire, Arucard must work with her to fight the undead army - as well as her own newfound hungers!

I think it should be spelled Alucard. It's supposed to make sense when spelled backwards. :D
Damn this, i was just about to post the URL on but you dont take international orders :(

I hope you'll change the policy soon dude cos i would really like to order some stuff from you. If you do ever change your mind just gimme a PM or summit and i'll tell the entirety of the UK :D
Thanks for your support guys! :D, Initially, the partnership we setup had made the choice not to accept international orders simply because of possible problems with billing, but I know many of the members here are not in US, the member base is truly a worldly base, so I'll see about making changes to the billing system to accept International orders :D.

Edit: International Orders are now accepted :D. Shipping is a bit more than in the US of course. My first shipment of Domestic DVDs should arrive soon and will be on the page once here.


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HOLY SHIT THOSE ARE SOME NICE PRICES!!!! You gonna be getting Kenshin DVDs (How much you think the Complete Series will go for? Will it be a box set?) Yu Yu Hakusho (Complete Series, how much?)? How about the whole Naruto series? Those have to be the best prices I've see anywhere!


WHA??!?!?!?!??! YOU ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL!?? You gonna be accepting Money Orders anytime soon? That's the only way I can pay (I'm only 17 afterall).


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Hmmm... I take it the ones listed as "Region 0" are really region free?

Amazing... The Region 1 USA release of Hellsing costs over $120, but you've got a Region 0 version for $41!

Are many animé DVD's released in Japan as region free to help sell better overseas? Or are these releases from some other region?
Just a quick question .... and i know i'll probably get flamed for this ... but i just gotta ask..

The DVD's are the actual DVD's, are they not?

They aren't fansubs... i hope?

Hello All!

Well, the Holiday season is around the corner. Just thought I would give this post a *bump* for those looking for some great prices for a great gift idea.

We are offering several holiday promotions and can order almost any title that we don't already have, domestic or import. So if you're looking for some great Anime DVDs for gifts for others or even yourself, make sure to drop by Anime-Ghost! :>