New CD Burner that looks a little interesting?

you can burn little logos to the unused space of a CDR... looks very interesting to me...I only mentions this... because it looks like this maybe the 1st right step towards copying the Saturn's protection ring... I'm not saying it will do this.. but it looks like were getting close perhaps? I'm still happy with my modded saturn. But I just thought it was an interesting read.
I have been thinking about the security code track too. If it is anything like the Dreamcast (which it in a ways is similar, uses almost the same layout for the ip.bin and it has the PRODUCED BY SEGA track (inner track, instead of outer most track (i think about 70:00:00 give/take). So if the Dreamcast security track was ripped from the GDROM disc it may be possible to get the security code from the Saturn CDs using the same process. The only thing that would be a pain is getting it to the 70:00:00 +/- point (possibly using a dummy file which would have to be zzzzzzzz.zzz so the saturn doesnt read it first and try to run it. The Dreamcast's security code is just a 700k raw audio track no engraving needed to get them to boot which might be just the case for the Saturn. Sorry for my ramblings
The Dreamcast's security code is just a 700k raw audio track

Actually, Dreamcast just boots from the second session. Ideally the first session should contain a data track, not an audio track; this is closer to the GD-ROM layout and later Dreamcast models will not boot discs with an audio track as the first session. The whole text/ring thing is meaningless to the Dreamcast; it will happily boot homebrew stuff that contains no Sega code beyond the logo bootstrap (something that exists on all of Sega's CD-based systems and is meant primarily to be a legal hurdle rather than a technical one).
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Anybody notices how so many people think of burning it, but almost nobody thinks about reading it? I mean, making a ISO far inside the disk is quite simple... Of course _reading_ that data back is another story. I'd love to fnd a way to do it, but alas, all CD drives I know won't read a sector over the size of what the TOC says even if their lifes depended on it.

Isn't there a swap trick to do this? (DC...uh...reading method...)
I wonder if you could slave your Saturn through a PAR or something and just use the Saturn to spin out and dump the contents of that protective ring on the outside of the disc. I'd imagine it might be possible given you can take control of the DC similarly and use it's cd-assembly to read the contents of a disc start to end and dump it to a computer.

If it really does contain necessary boot code in it, maybe someone could disassemble it and incorporate it into a BIOS hack.

Of course they'd need to be borderline genius and an SH2 wizard with a fuckload of free time to pull that off.
You don't have control over the CD system, you can only issue requests to the SH1 so even if there were digital data in the security ring the CD subsystem would probably just reject such a request. Now according to the correct patent that ExCyber pointed out the protection is indeed optical, and is probably handled by a special piece of hardware so I believe the only thing the SH1 can do is to ask if the disc is an original or not. The rest of the disc should be easy to dump, but then again you don't really need to.

I would however gladly be proven wrong.