New Genesis?


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I saw a new genesis today for 25 dollars, mine broke and i was wondering, do you guys think i should buy it. The funcoland that was selling it had tons of 3.00 games too. So what do you think, should i buy it along with some games?
My poor Genesis....umm..models 2....3....and X'eye are all under my bed collecting dust while I have my Dreamcast and PS2 plugged in.....

Yay emulation.
wouldnt mind digging up a genny 3, be great for keeping my bathroom door open or that impromptu game of street hockey.... hey if anyone has a broken one they dont want gimme a shout, i'll have the case
I used to be a big Funcoland fan until they got bought out. Now they don't have SCD and Saturn and their prices are jacked up. I still go there to pick up some DC stuff and look for cheap 16-bit games.

I've gotten some decent deals like Skies of Arcadia for $16 and a VF3 Guide for $2.