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<font color='#000000'>So who all likes this new look? I personally like the old look but don't have too big of a problem with this one. Maybe we can have sum background wallpaper stuff that has various Sega characters on it? That would look cool with this new look. Well, everyone post yer opinions/rants/complaints/etc. here. Maybe we can keep/change this.</font>
<font color='#000000'>i think this is temporary till we can get the text color problem changed.</font>
<font color='#000000'>Keep reading the Forum is Fixed post... I keep you all updated there. Arakon did new update to forums, Screwed the colors up in it. Im TRYING to find out WHY. Alll LOOKS ok in the CSS I mean it SAYS #FFFFFF yet Ikon still assigns #000000

SOOO I did find the table colors and changed that so you can LEAST see your posts. Ill TRY more after I cook and eat! its 1230am for crying out loud</font>
and a little vertical line seperating the Member info from the actual message would make reading a little easier.

the font size seems small, and also fixed, so increasing the text size (via View -> Text Size -> Largest) doesn't do anything.

Also, Mysticales, Bjammzz, and Galstaff, I had to highlight your posts to read them.
Originally posted by Link Hylia@July 09 2002,13:30

Also, Mysticales, Bjammzz, and Galstaff, I had to highlight your posts to read them.

I believe that's when they were ironing out the problems with the fourm colours. It was black text on a grey background for a while.

[edit] That's wierd. Small text ???
I don't know that it's any darker than the first incarnation of SX on IB3.

I'm still not sure why my last post in this thread came out small either. ???
Looks a bit neater, nothing wrong with it, I like it

But, the names of the various boards and their topics seem a bit smaller, am I just imagining this or is this right?