new (remade?) shining force game!


Ban Hammered
IGN has the news. Looks like shining soul II as well as a new shining force game are coming to GBA. It sais it may be a remake or a new game, but either way i'm as giddy as a school girl :)
I have seen mixed reviews, but I am gonna get it...



:bow :bow :bow :bow SEGA!!
it is realy simple, me and a friend imported it ( since it has co-op link) and its like diablo for GBA. click click click enemy dies. i got bored of it after like 3 hours. and there was no music when you linked up (wtf?)
well hopefully the GBA port won't be so bad, we'll see, I am getting it in a couple of days when it comes out, sweeeeeeeeeet. I will provide a review then,


I really could'nt care less about shining soul, but if i will have a way of playing the original sf portable other than my nomad i will be a very happy camper :D