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Originally posted by MasterAkumaMatata@Jun 28, 2003 @ 02:00 AM

Planetweb Browser 3.0 goes for that much?
What? No it doesn't, didn't it just come with the demos? Cause you can get a complete set of demos for cheaper. I think that list is all wrong. There are games that go for much higher than that. Like Ikuraga, or the KoF games. Unless they are only talking about US releases, then i'm not sure.


I've seen it up for sale at a price in that range...

it doesn't mean that people were buying.


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Oh trust me people ARE buying it at that price. Especially now that PlanetWeb stopped selling it on their site. IT regularly goes for $50 on ebay. And no it never came on a demo disc. They stopped making those just before it came out. It's also expensive as fuck since it's the only US browser disc that can be used to setup the BBA.