New To Saturn Burning, modchip question

All right, I am fairly new to Saturn as far as burning games go, as I already own most of what I want.

My question: are there any Saturn modchips that let me avoid doing the swap trick? Where can I find one, how much are they, and how much soldering will I have to do?

Thanks in advance.
look what I fount at Lan Kwei:


- serves as a cartridge to play import games on your console (no Modchip needed)

- compatible with all models

and Backups too ?

the modboard costs U$9, and at lik-sang it´s 18

what do you think ? mine is Model 2, 64 pin-IC

thanks !!
The mod board itself is good.

However, the jury is still out as to whether all 64 pin IC Saturns can be modded with one. I still can't find a good reason why not, but alot of evidence is against it.
I can get one for U$15,00 including shipping, it´s not too expensive, but I have the 64pin-IC model 2

maybe it work ? or is better don´t risk ?

I have two friends that have Saturn, I´ll see if any of them are the 32pin model, and maybe we can change

Thanks !!!