New winmx

HAH My god is this version AWESOME!!!!

I mean take Kazza search and add Winmx to it! The auto search is GREAT, Auto complete mode. etc! It sereches and resumes like Kazza (EXCEPT you DONT have those damn annyoing .dat files) NO spyware! Man its just great, you WONT need kazza no more! =)))
if you're going to move away from kazaa i would recomend running the newest version of ad-aware to help romove spyware added by kazaa(same applies for all the other programs that you might switch from).
UM .....LOL

You think I use Kazza? NOPE! Our roommates do. They have some sorta ad remover that fakes kazza out (a fake cydoor.dll) and so on. I never liked kazza at ALL! WinMX if I wanted, I could switch to FTP with the user and nothing would be affected. Kazza at times doesnt even rename the files at times. like I DONT like that .dat file! ARG! So Ive always been WinMX but to those here who DO use Kazza...check WinMX =)
I just don't use any of these file sharing appz.
think about this, if in kazaa's user notice thingy they dont mention anything about you agreeing that they can freely search your computer, then it is illegal which also means that nothing can happen to you. i cant seem to figure out why people seem to be that worried.
also it comes with other stuff that i don't feel like finding articles about but they're less offensive then this one but still offensive.
Well I like WinMx. Im replacing my STTNG eppys that got lost at home (I had the WHOLE 7 years!!!) ARG I like this WinMX tho because I can DL from MANY people and it works on the ONE file (Not seperate) making DLs faster =)