newbie help

So after spending $8 bucks at radioshack and completely taking my Saturn apart, I was ready for a J/A switch on my Saturn. I have a model 4 saturn. Anyway I started to solder the wires together when the jumpers J10 and J6 decided to evaporate (they are frickin small man) I ended up covering J7 and J10 back with my own solder and I still have my Saturn! I thought for sure it was a dead deal.

Heres my real problem, X-mas Nights is being sent to me and I need to still get a 1-4MB cart (must have SNK games) so I don't want to buy an ST-Key.

Will my Saturn still play a Japanese (although the internal jumpers are questionable) game with a 5 in 1 cart?

If so is an action replay 5 in 1 what I need?
the only difference between a model 3 saturn (first saturn not to have a drive light) and a model 4 saturn is the order the jumpers are in. All of the components are on one motherboard, instead of two different boards (model 1).

I still would like to know if the action replay 4 in 1 will work for importing games and have enough ram for snk/capcom games.
If you look at the newer posting of the instructions to add a DPDT A/J switch to a sega saturn any model made after 7/96 is a model 4. I didn't believe it either until I opened the box and physically saw the jumpers.

Please just tell me if a 4 in 1 action replay is the answer to my saturn import problem.
if you want to go by PCB revisions, there's about 12 different saturn models.

the 4 in 1 will work for imports.
You have no idea how pissed I was when I thought I killed my saturn.

What happened was JP6 decided to completely remove itself while soldering and my wire had nothing to stick to.

So now my saturn will always be US, but since you say the action replay 4 in 1 cart will do the job, then I won't be too pissed off after X-mas Nights arrives.

Now all I need is that cart.