Newest Neo-Geo CD Tutorial/Kit to Date!

I have it on my Web Page in the Downloads/SNK Neo-Geo section! The Entire SNK Neo-Geo page has been Updated as well finally.....Its not Perfectly the way I want it yet, but its still 95% Done.
Go on and check it out....Check my PROFILE if you do not yet know where my Web Page is....Have fun!!

Click HERE if you do not wish to check out my Web Page but still want the tutorial.
musics a nice touch to the page. havent you changed it tho, use to be somthin diff i think

btw wha games did you rip the midis from?
Its allways been the same name and I downloaded most the Midis from a place on the net, Cant remember the name, the other midis came from pc games like Heretic and Hexen II...glad you like the midis.
dude your site rocks !!!

ive been away from the emulation sceen for along time -- i had no idea they have a oddessey 2 emulator thats so awsome -- i have an oddessy2 unit (version with non standard rf connector ) which i cant play because of the connector - and ammased so far 20 games for it -- i havent seen if you have the ones i have but it would be nice to have a list for people to see

also had no idea they had an arcadia 2001 emulator also -- i recently got my hands on one of those 2 but no games yet

i saw the comment you made about you not wanting to shell out any cash for the oddessy2 - but they way i look at it your owning a part of electronic gaming history if you own those old systems -- especialy an oddessy 1 (the original no proccesor home game machine )