Newly Updated NGCD Cracking tutorial/kit

Im getting closer and closer to finishing this tutorial, I believe I have only 6 more Neo Geo CDs to get my hands on to crack.....I have added many new things in this tutorial making it the largest kit/tutorial for the neocd to date!! Its a cool 4 megs now!
chock full of cracks and information youll want to know.
Get my newest Neo Geo CD Tutorial / Kit for Cracking the CDs HERE. Version 0.7

Download and have fun playing your own personal backups or downloaded games on your home console with no problems!!
Damn. Oh yeah, I finally ran across a Neo-Geo CD game that gave me the groovy Disk I/O error after a few rounds so I guess I finally have a reason to download your cracking kit.
You list AOF3 as a protected game. I have two copies of it (real stor ebought one and a burn done from ISO/MP3). The burn of it never erroed like my KOF98 burn did and I've beaten it through a few times before. Does that mean it was precracked or something (burnt it about a year ago from aceroms)
AOF3 is must have a single speed cd system...if you had the cdz you would notice right away....hint...if it does still have the protection not cracked you will get the error eventually, just go to the main screen of the game and select demo game, and let it play the beginning and demos of the fighters.....let it go over and over and over again until it gives you the error if no errors occur within 1 hour it has no protection....AOF3 was made in 96, only 1 year after they started putting the protection in the games, and kof97,98, etc are made years later and they somewhat perfected the little in-game code to screw up the game more often than the older titles...PLUS they started using CDZ protection to boot!
So it might be protected, just test it and find out.
Of course I have a single speed, I like sturdier machines

Odd, no error at all. I did get errors with KOF95, 97, 98 and Real Bout Special though (always on the third match of any of those games).

Oh yeah for more AOF3 disc abuse, I have beaten it with Robert, Ryo, Kasumi, Karman, Wang, and Sinclair all in one sitting without rebooting the machine and with all the demo cuts, etc turned on. So I'm sure you can imagine how long that is
And nope, never errored.
I know thats the wierd thing that makes people wonder to this day, I had Soccer Brawl and beat it all the way to the end 2 times with no errors, so I figured it had no protection, so someone told me you need to loose a round then continue, over and over again and eventually I would get the error on soccer brawl, I though BS but Ill try it, I let the game go on and on for along time! I left the room for awhile and came back 1 hour later with ERROR = 0003 on the screen! I was like dammit, thats crazy!! Its totally random on some titles, and on others it kills the game on a specific stage....its the way it works.....I just downloaded AOF3 from aceroms and its protection is still intact (CDZ Protection that is), and Yes, the In-Game Protection has been cracked by someone allready from aceroms....I wonder why they cracked the In-Game but not the CDZ?? wierd....well that solves the problem.
you simply use cdmage to open the bin/cue file and right click on the actual file you wish to overwrite with the cracked file and you get a list of options, you select import and bam its done...
I have right clicked on it, here is what I get:

Large Icons

Small Icons



Extract Files

Compare Files

Finad File

Browse File

Show Player

Show Error Log

I noticed an action menu at the top, but nothing available for clicking. Any ideas as to what is wrong?
I have heard something similar from someone else had the same suggestion is to redownload a new version of CDmage and uninstall the old one and reinstall a new version, that how he fixed his problem...I use Win98se and the CDmage I provide with the cracks works great for me, but Me and XP users might have different options or something....try a new version...
I am working on a new tutorial (more complete) as soon as I get at least one more game to test out I will release the tutorial....I only need 4 more games, so Version 0.8 of my Tutorial/Kit is allmost ready....
I took my Metal Slug 2 game and ripped it using CDR win I downloaded the newer version of CDmage and got it to work. I patched the bin/cue file but when I burn it it says ID error 002 when I try and play it, you're tutorial says it's a problem with the audio being dumped wrong. I am using an original MS2 game and the newest CDR win, I have even tried it with Disc Juggler and got the same error. What do you think the problem is? Could it be the CDR's I'm using, does the Neo CDZ prefer certain colored bottom discs? Thanks for all your help and your guides.
As Fakk2 knows, every dump of Metal Slug 2 I've tried doesn't work, gives me the same error as yours, he very nicely sent me the original files off his version of MS2 and he said he made the sound better or something (you're have to reply Fakk!) but it works like a dream now..must have used 20 cdr's getting this game to work!
I found out what my problem was. The laser needed a readjustment after adjusting it, all of the backups I made of my MS2 and Iron Clad worked beautifully. Thanks for all the help.
sonofx's problem was not with an iso/mp3 rip, this guy was having the same trouble we all were having, only hes got the real cd of metal slug 2 to copy from, and it was still giving him the 0002 error until he turned up the intensity of the laser on the unit.....which seems to me should NOT be nesassary if using a cdr brand that the neo geo cd system likes in the first place, but if you dont want to buy a specific brand of cdrs then turning the laser up is the only option you have I after I fixed the audio tracks with the iso/mp3 off of the net, it works great.....for people that use cdrs that neo cd likes.
sonofx, you do own a cdz right? cdz isnt very picky at all, I allways thought the single speed gave more errors.....what brand of cdrs do you use? I hope you are aware that adjusting the cdz's laser in any way will shorten the life span of the unit by alot!! Be very cautious as many of my buddies that tried to turn up the laser ended up with a dead system bout a year later....
I'm just butting by saying I've used 5-6 different type's of cd'r, from cheap big store brands to high quality..i'm sure it's not the type of cdr you use thats the problem, it's either the sound ala my problem with MS2 or the way or program used to burn the image..or indeed the program used to rip the image off the original might be causing the problem?