Next Gen magazine RIP?

I heard from someone on another post that Next gen magazine is gone. I'm not sure if this is true but their URL is not working...not a good sign.

If anyone has more info on this or an article talking about this magazine...let me know thanks.

I started buying Next Gen right from its inception, back when it was still Next Generation (and depending on the month, almost as thick as a Saturn jewel case). I was hooked from the start, but then again, having Virtua Fighter on the cover of the first issue made it a no brainer purchase for me.
Next Gen magazine was the best video game mag (in my opinion). It was not biased as much as EGM or Gamepro and it was more for the adult gamer and not written for a younger audience that has to see 10 million game shots for a mario game.

They went out of their way to interview the people responsible for the hot games out there and really were professional and intelligent and didn't dumb down their articles.

Its a shame that this magazine didn't have a larger base but in reality, it doesn't matter to the big wigs if a magazine has good content...they want to see $$$.

I have read this magazine since issue #1 back when they had the nice thick card stock paper they originally used for their mags unlike cheap crap like EGM and Gamepro.

and i love their original ad... "this is a bible [picture of holy bible]... so is this [picture of next gen issue 1]". THey will definatly be missed. RIP, ol' friend...