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Is this handy littel system worth buying? I might consider picking one up if the price is right, the pocket linker for the system is pretty cheap, so I just wondered.
well i have one... and i have to say that it was really a good idea but just had no good games. there were a few, but i wouldn't buy it
i have metal slug and it's a poor attempt at a new game, not even a port but just a ngp only game... limited colors and very easy game. the only variety is you beat it once and can play as the woman the second time, but it's not good
Ratamhatta listen now and believe me later..LOL. I AM the BIGGEST SNK FAN THERE IS!! and I didnt buy it....its just too small and has way 2 few colors and yes the KOF games are cool and stuff but I would rather Play a Turbo Express anyday allthough its a FU@KIN battery muncher....Woooooooooo god is it ever......But SF2CE on it (Turbo Express) is Tight!! and I never got one but I hear the Sega Nomad is cool....

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I'm gonna have to disagree with you guys on this one - NGPC is an awesome console in my opinion! Rattamahatta, you should see if you can get the opportunity to play one before you decide.

Must have list:

Sonic Pocket Adventure

Puzzle Bobble

KOF r-2

Metal Slug: 1st Mission

Metal Slug: 2nd Mission

Also it has the best D-pad of any hand held (it's like the neo-CD one), runs forever on 2 AA batteries, and it's hard to find but there is a link cable that allows you to connect to the Dreamcast and share data in KOF and Cool Cool Toon, possibly others!
I have one.I love it.Thats it.Its not the best handheld out there but it shure is one of the coolest.If you can get it cheap,grab it.
I have one for sale for $30 in the buy sell trade category . With a game boy case .

Fits in there well . Attaches to your belt buckle .

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but that was more than a decade ago ^_^

now we all want preety colors with our games

is it just me or did game gear games have better colors than neo geo pocket games?
I don't even have a color one.And i still love it.I love the KoF Series on the NGP.The GBA game tried to look like the monitor/TV versions....just didn't look nice in my opininion.
So I take it I should buy a ngpc if I can get my hands on it, I do believe I can still get the sonic set off of someone that I know.
Yep! :biggrin:

I foolishly decided I'd get Sonic 'next payday' and now can't find it... eBay methinks.

It's basically a port of MegaDrive Sonic 2 with various extras, and is very colourful too. It even has the voices singing 'SEGA' when you switch on. :)