Night Trap Sega CD

does anyone know what scenes were censored from night trap sega cd in the re-release? or anyone know of a website that has the details/screenshots, that would be great, thanks!!
From every indication i have heard nothing was changed. The discs are identical. Which makes little sense. I would think they cut the scene where the mother has her blood drained from her via a tube jammed in her jugular, but I could be wrong.
There is no such scene; the mother is one of the vampires. There is a scene in the SCD version that has one of the guests getting a c-clamp type thing put around her neck for the purpose of draining blood, but there's nothing graphic about it. In fact, I think there wasn't a single drop of blood in the entire game, though it's been a few years since I've played, so I could be mistaken.
The original HAD the clamp going around the neck, and you could see the blood getting sucked out ... I remember it in ALL it's FMV grainy glory ...
I heard from Cyril at that both night traps are EXACTLY the same. But that it wasn't being produced anymore because of it being to violent back then. And then they re-released it with just different packages...?
No, my cousin has both, and i just have the uncut. We compared and they are the EXACT same game except for one difference, that clamp scene. Instead they just drag her off and that's it.
what about the bodies hanging upside down on meathooks, and the augers draing the blood into containers....was that removed from the new version??