Night Trap


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Tell me, what are you opinions on this "controversal" FMV classic?  Yes, it is a classic  
I played the SegaCD 32X version... it was alright .. but I found I was paying attention more to the time.. then actually taking the time to watch the videos.. which I found annoying.. it was an alright game...
I like this game, as well as other FMV games like Double Switch, Ground Zero Texas and Road Avenger. I think I have this mental problem becuase not only do I like FMV games, I also like Panic! Night Trap was a pretty cool idea, but it got too blown out of proportion with all its controversy. Even without all the heat on this game in the past, I still like it.
This game got controversy around the same time that Mortal Kombat was a huge issue. Now look at today's graphic genres. Pretty extreme to say the least. I liked the corny FMV of Night Trap though along with Tomcat Alley, Sewer Shark, Double Switch, etc.
I thought the game was interesting.

Haven't played very far into it, but I still think its pretty cool to change cameras on the fly.

When I first got my SCD I thought the FMV games were pretty cool!

Sonic CD and Silpheed were my favorites though.

As for the "controversial" part, it was just a bunch of crap. Lieberman made it out to sound like the game was about rape and all this crap. Just cause a bunch of characters are attacking a girl in her bedroom and she's screaming. I guess the unedited version (which I have) has some "gruesome" stuff in it, but I haven't played it enough to see it.
yeah i have unedited too. What's the diff? I hear they took out the guy on meat hooks ij the ceonsored one..
Originally posted by Gallstaff@Sep. 27 2002, 2:14 pm

yeah i have unedited too. What's the diff? I hear they took out the guy on meat hooks ij the ceonsored one..

Yeah I think they took that scene out and maybe a couple others. Anything that was remotely violent, basically.
Oh I also think that they might have taken out the part where if you don't do it right, the girl changing the in the bathroom gets the blood sucked out of her juglar vane... and that was a great scene
i bet the people missing that one went through a serous trama.
I remember Night Trap getting some significant coverage on the ABC Late Night News (I think, it's been a while) at that time. The "Violence and Videogames" special gave mention most to Night Trap and Mortal Kombat.

The news anchor kept making comments, something like "Coming up next... do you know what games your kids are playing?" while showing the clip of the drill killing scene. They did this over and over again, even when going to commercial breaks. It was kind of funny in an odd way. And yeah, they gave mention to Sen. Joe Lieberman's efforts to ban them.

As for the game itself, it's definitely one of the reasons I got a Sega CD/32X. I think Night Trap has that b-movie charm to it, it's the sort of game I'd play at 2am when I can't sleep. It's probably one of the better FMV games for SCD, if not the best.

I tend to agree with most people on the FMV games, I often just want to watch the footage, and that was a big drawback with the FMV games for Sega CD - you just couldn't relax for 2 seconds without having to go look somewhere else.

I have been meaning to make time to play Night Trap in the new Kega build, as I understand it can now play 2 disc games correctly.
One of the original and best ever ...

I remember the Christmas the unit came out ... That week ALL i could do is play Sherlock Holmes and Night Trap ...

It was a quality game, with , we won't call it good, acting. I agree that the gameplay suffered by having to switch rooms ALL THE TIME, but if it did allow you to play it over and over looking for new scenes ....

A classic TOM ZITO production ...
Can you belive this thing was in production since the early eighties? I mean come on, it takes 10 years of planning in this is the best you can do, Tom?