Night Trap

Well, kind of a weird problem here. A few years ago, I played it all the way through, and missed ONE, only ONE of the enemies. Dana Plato comes out, says good job, I caught almost al of the augs, beter luck next time. I was like "Screw this, i'm done." and put the game away. Now, years later, I was going through my game collection, and pulled it out again. Figured i'd try it again. This time I got ALL of the augs. EVERY SINGLE ONE POSSIBLE. The counter reads 95 captured out of 95 possible. I got 'em all. When the game finishes, Dana Plate comes out and says........I caught almost all of the augs. better luck next time. Um....WTF?? I got 'em all! What's the deal here? I checked gamefaq's, yep, my list matches theirs almost exactly, within a couple of seconds. And I know I didn't miss any, since I captured every one possible, according to the counter. Is this a game flaw?