Night Trap

hey, i'm aware that there are at least 2 versions of night trap going around, one that is completely uncensored, before they pulled it off store shelves, and another that is censored, after they put it back..

my question is, how can one quickly find the difference between the two different versions??

thanks for any help..
in the first (uncensored) version if you make it far enough in the game you will watch the kitchen ALOT eventually you will come across a scene where the Augers open a cabinet door and press a button, a dead woman hanging upside down on meathooks comes up and the augers shove a tube in her jugular (near the throat) and proceesd to drain her of all her blood. (thay are vampires ya know...hahaha) that was taken OUT of the censored version....
gawd! That is gruesome. I'd sh*t my pants if i saw that! ARGH! Just thinkin' about it is scary.

Hope that the one goin' around is uncensored ;) lol...scary as ####.

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I've never played Night Trap, but if it had the typical production values of a Sega CD FMV game, it probably wasn't all that scary :)
yeah, the uncensores sega cd version is the one with the original red cardboard box. one of my most prized posessions :)